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RASHTRIYA AVISHKAR ABHIYAN Ministry of Education (Shiksha Mantralaya), NEW DELHI

RASHTRIYA AVISHKAR ABHIYAN Ministry of Education (Shiksha Mantralaya), NEW DELHI

Report on  ‘Rashtriya Avishkar Saptah’

Under Rashtriya Avishkar Abhiyan (RAA) activity, as per the guidelines of NCERT, New Delhi Rashtriya Avishkar Saptah (14th – 21st October, 2019) was celebrated. Under this program, students were asked to perform following four experiments on the theme “Water Quality Assessment and Water Conservation”.
1. Foaming capacity of Water
2. Testing the pH of Water
3. Testing total Alkalinity of Water
4. Testing Total Dissolved Solids in Water.

On 11th October 2019, Prof. J.D. Ekhe organized demonstrations of all four experiments for school teachers in Chemistry Department Laboratory, VNIT.

On 15th October 2019 i,e late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam’s birth anniversary, NMC Walmikinagar School celebrated this event in which total 22 students of std. 9th & 10th participated.  RAA team of VNIT faculty ( Dr P S Kulkarni :  Nodal Officer, Dr. (Mrs.) Anuradha Deshpande : Co-nodal Officer, Prof. Rupesh Gedam and Prof. J.D. Ekhe) and staff members of Pradeshik Vidya Pradhikaran (State Institute of Science Education), Nagpur were prominently present.

Similar Program was organized at NMC Vivekanand Nagar School on 17th October 2019, where total 22
of std. 9th & 10th took part.

Same event was organized at NMC Barriester Wankhede Vidyaniketan, Ramdaspeth, Nagpur on 18th October where total 25 students of std. 9th and 10th participated.

Prof. Ekhe and his PG, Ph.D. scholars from Chemistry department of VNIT, Nagpur conducted the laboratory sessions in all schools and provided guidance to school students and teachers regarding Water Conservation.

Rashtriya Avishkar Team members of VNIT, Nagpur were present in the respective schools on all three days.

At the end, school teachers uploaded their school report on the weblink as per NCERT, New Delhi Guidelines.

Report on “Science Day celebration”

National Science Day-2019 was celebrated at V.N. I.T Nagpur under the Rashtriya avishkar Abhiyaan of Ministry of Education (Shiksha Mantralaya). On this occasion, a quiz competition was  organized at  V.N.I.T. Nagpur for students of  four NMC  schools and two ZP schools. The  aim of quiz competition was to widely spread a message about the significance of scientific applications in the daily life of the people and to discuss all the issues and implement new technologies for the development of the science.  V.N.I.T. Nagpur Students Mr. Rahul Bhagat    and  Mr. Akash conducted  quiz for the six teams represented by schools. Each Team  had four students. Teams from NMC Walmiki Nagar Hindi Madyamik School and Barr.  Sheshrao Wankhede Vidyaniketan School won first and second prizes respectively in the quiz.

In the second part of the National Science Day-2019  celebration, a prize distribution ceremony  was organized. Prof. P. M Padole, Director VNIT Nagpur and Prof. S.R. Sathe, Registrar, VNIT distributed prizes and certificates to the winners of the quiz competition and essay competition.  Deans, Heads and senior Faculty Members distributed participation certificates   to all the participants of  both the competitions.

Director VNIT handed over a trophy to Winners from NMC Walmiki Nagar Hindi Madyamik School –First Position  in Quiz

Director VNIT handed over a trophy to Winners from Barr.  Sheshrao Wankhede Vidyaniketan School – Second Position in Quiz

In his speech, Prof. P. M . Padole motivated school students to develop Scientific attitude and logical thinking in the learning process. Prof. S.R. Sathe, in his speech said that one should try to create the natural curiosity about science in the students’ mind  and one  can do so by connecting science to daily lives.  Dr. P. S. Kulkarni, Nodal officer has briefed the audience about the various activities conducted by VNIT Nagpur this year  under  the Rashtriya Avishkar Abhiyaan. Dr. A .V. Deshpande  Co-Nodal officer proposed a Vote of  Thanks.  Prof. D. R. Peshwe, Dean (Faculty Welfare), Prof. M. V. Aware, TEQIP Coordinator, Prof. V. B. Borghate, Dean (Research and Consultancy), Prof. B. S. Umre, Dean (Students’ Welfare), Prof. (Mrs.) M.A. Chaudhary, Head, Electrical Engg. Dept., Prof. M.K. Khedkar, Prof. V. K. Deshpande, Prof. R . S. Gedam, Dr. M. R. Ramteke and Dr. P.C. Chaturvedi were prominently present.

It is to be mentioned here that under  Rashtriya Avishkar Abhiyaan, Mentoring Institute VNIT  organizes various activities throughout the year,  In 2018-19, VNIT organized four activities namely, 1. Orientation Meeting – Vidyarthi vigyan Manthan along with DST Vigyan Prasar, New Delhi during 4th -5th August 2018. 2. Visit of School Students to “Prof. Rajendra Singh Science Exploratory Nagpur during 11th -13th Dec. 2018. 3. Essay Competition for School Students on 12th January 2019 and 4. Quiz Competition on National Science Day (i.e. 28th Feb. 2019).   The activities were co-ordinated by  Dr. P. S. Kulkarni  Nodal officer,  Dr. A .V. Deshpande  Co- Nodal officer,  Prof. R . S. Gedam,  Prof.  J.D. Ekhe, Dr . P. Mahale, Dr. M. M. Dhabu and Dr. P.H . Ghare and their volunteers.  VNIT administration, Education officer, Head Masters and teachers of all  participating schools have extended their full support in organization of the activities.

Report on “Essay competition conducted under Rashtriya Avishkar Abhiyan”

Under the Rashtriya Avishkar Abhiyaan of Ministry of Education (Shiksha Mantralaya), V.N.I.T. Nagpur conducted an Essay Competition for Std, 7-9 students of Six schools  consisting of  four NMC  schools and two ZP schools.   The following were the topics for Essay Competition:

(i) Renewable energy

(ii) Water pollution.

The aim of essay competition was to sensitise students for the   promotion of  use for alternate sources of  energy for the benefit of the environment  and also  to make them aware about the future hazards of water pollution on  our environment. Total twenty two students from six schools participated in the competition.  The activity was co-ordinated by Dr. P. S. Kulkarni  Nodal officer,  Dr. A .V. Deshpande  Co. Nodal officer,  Dr. R . S. Gedam, Dr.J.D. Ekhe, Dr. P. Mahale, Dr. M. M. Dhabu and Dr.P.H.Ghare and their volunteers. VNIT administration, Head Masters and teachers of all participating schools have extended their full support in the organization of the activity.  Prizes for winners of the competition will be   distributed on upcoming Science day.

Participants of “Essay Competition” organized in VNIT on 12th January 2019.

Group Photograph of Participants, School Teachers and VNIT Organizers.

Report on visit to Science Exploratory

As part of Rashtriya Avishkar Abhiyan of Ministry of Education (Shiksha Mantralaya), New Delhi, Mentoring Institute Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology (VNIT) had organized a visit to ‘Prof. Rajendra Singh Science Exploratory, Nagpur’ for Four NMC and Two ZP school students recently. 269 Students along with  16  Teachers  participated in the visit. The participating schools included NMC Valmikinagar High School, NMC Vivekanandnagar Upper Primary and Secondary School, NMC Ekatmatanagar Upper Primary school, NMC Barriester Wankhede High School, ZP Patwardhan High School and ZP Madhyamik School, Katol Road.

The activity was organized on three days. The duration of the activity was 3 hours on each day.

Students visited all Four laboratories (Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology). Relevant models and experiments were explained to them. Demonstrations of each subject were exhibited. Two hands-on activities (which were not necessarily model based) were conducted. Activity sheets were given to them. The Program was conducted in the medium of education only for better understanding of students. Students learnt   to observe, identify, experiment, analyze and assimilate scientific knowledge.

VNIT Faculty Members  Dr. P. S. Kulkarni, Dr. (Mrs.) A. V. Deshpande, Dr. R.S. Gedam, Dr. J.D. Ekhe, Dr. Pallavi Mahale, Dr. (Mrs.) M.M. Dhabu, Dr. (Mrs.) P. H. Ghare along with their volunteers worked hard for the successful organization of the above visit. At Science Exploratory, Panini Telang, Madhavi Kavishwar, Rupesh Gomase and their staff made all arrangements to conduct the Laboratory Sessions.

Report on Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan – Orientation Meeting 2018-19