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Special Cell


Special Cell Committee (SC/ST/OBC)

 1 Dr. A.M. Kuthe, Prof., Deptt. of Mech. Engg’ Chairman
2 Mr. M.G. Dalvi, Ex. NEERI, Nagpur Member
3 Dr. H.S. Waydande, Ex IIT Mumbai Member
4 Dr. V.R. Satpute, Asstt. Prof., Electronics Engg. Liaison Officer SC/ST  Member
5 Dr. Nita R. Patne, Assoc. Prof., Deptt. of Elect. Engg. Liaison Officer OBC Member
6 Dr. D.R. Peshwe, Dean (FW) Member
7 Dr. S.R. Sathe, Registrar, VNIT Nagpur Member (Ex-Officio)
8 Dr. S.M. Deshmukh, Dy. Registrar (Admn) Member (Ex-Officio)
9 Shr.i Rajnesh M.P., Assistant Registrar (Estt.) Member-Secretary (Ex-Officio)

Grievance Committee



Dr. G.N.Ronghe, Professor , Structural Engineering(Nominated by the Director VNIT) Chairman
2. Dr.Anjan Patel,Assistant Professor , Civil Engineering Department, (Teacher’s Representative) Member
3. Shri V.Bhujade, (President, Non-Teaching Employees Union) Member
4. Shri C. V. Chalpati Rao, (Nominee of the Director, NEERI, Nagpur) Member
5. Prof. R. S. Sonparote, Liaison Officer, SC/ST (Liaison Officer (SC/ST)) Member
6. Dr.N.R.Thote, Prof. Deptt. of Mining. Engg.,(Nominated by the Director VNIT) Member-Secretary