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Telephone Directory

  • General information
  • Information about EPABC Extension Operations with Codes

1. To call from outside, dial “280” before the extension no. For example to call “1225”, dial “2801225”. 2. EPABX Numbers: 2828, 23, 2231636, 6750, 3710, 2236330, 2236331, 2236332. 3. FAX Numbers: 3969(Director’s Office), 3230(Registrar’s Office)

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1. Call Transfer: While you are speaking on a call and you intend to transfer it – Press “Flash Key/Hook Flash and listen to the internal dial tone. – Dial the desired extension number. Dial “9” for transfring call to operator. 2. Call Back: On hearing the busy tone or no reply from the opposite extension – Dial “81” and hear the confirmation tone then replace your handset. – The system will call back when the extension is free. 3. Call forwarding: When you are going to be away from your desk, you may forward all the incoming call: – Lift your handset, listen to continue dial tone. – dial “85” followed by the extension no. with “#” key. Ex. “851200#”. – All your incoming call to be forwarded on the extension number. – To deactivate the faciity, dial “86” and replace a phone.

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